When one walks into Christie Green’s workshop at 1703 Lena Street, it’s immediately apparent that radicle is much more than a landscape company. It is an entire ecosystem of interconnected ideas, designs and dialogues. Pasted paper, photographs and site maps adorn the walls and worktables. A lighted sign touting the business name rests on a high shelf.

It’s easy to see that Green is passionate about what she started back in 1999. Energy radiates from her as she talks about various ecological regeneration projects radicle is leading. In 2012, her plan for the 85-acre Academy for the Love of Learning was awarded the City of Santa Fe’s Sustainable Award for Water Conservation–just one of the numerous awards she’s collected over the years.

Green works to reveal the true nature present in the land which she is working. Rather than shaping it to a preconceived idea, she coaxes authenticity from it with designs that complement. This method ensures longevity and, when coupled with her stewardship principles, sustainability. In her words, “we delight in celebrating that which is undervalued, discarded, wasted or taken for granted.”

radicle works with urban, residential and commercial clients on projects that span from small to large-scale. Signature features of Green’s work include native and edible plants, and creative material couplings. Wood, steel, stone and water live comfortably next to one another.

Locals to Lena Street are often stopped in their tracks by her experimental front garden outside the radicle workshop. One might find a series of apples with handwritten notes hidden within, arranged artfully on steel forms. On another day, there might be new sculptures made of found objects among the native plants dotting the area. When you visit, be sure to take a close look as these tiny, hidden gems are ubiquitous. Visit radicle at 1703 Lena Street, or online at www.beradicle.com.