Our Story

In 2006, we discovered the property where Lena Street Lofts now sits. Back then, it belonged to a Shuttlejack bus yard. There were no curbs or sidewalks. Instead, the space was full of derelict buses and other vehicles, weeds and 55-gallon oil drums spilling over.

We wanted to create something that was more on the funky and gritty side. Because Lena Street was off the beaten track, we had to do something that would be interesting in order to create the energy that would draw people to the street. We’ve maintained a lot of grit, but we’ve created something incredibly unique.

Over the years, our tenants came up with a tag line that captures the spirit of Lena Street Lofts —

Community vibe and industrial charm

We think the fact that our tenants came up with that says it all. If you’re interested in being a part of the Lena Street Lofts community, contact us.

“Production environments often tend to be grimy, noisy. But for some reason, the entire community here … feels quiet and comfortable. All day, people come and people go, but there is a great friendship kind of atmosphere here — a quiet understanding amongst us all.”
— Pete Tengler, Owner of Artman and Lena Street Lofts tenant